Recipe to Keeping Weeds from Overtaking Concrete Pavers

Concrete PaversConcrete pavers, also referred to as paving stones, are premanufactured slabs that are installed outdoors as flooring. They came in different textures, colors, shapes, and sizes. One can use one type or mix them, especially colors, to ensure the end product is beautiful. To obtain the best results, concrete pavers are laid over a … Continued

Add A Floor Coating or Seal to Your Home’s Concrete Garage

Historically, concrete has proven to be an exceptionally durable building material, but it is not immune to damage. It is vulnerable to cracking especially as it cures. It is also eroded by corrosive chemicals, damaged by weight and impact, and it can be extensively undermined by the freezing of water trapped in it since water … Continued

Start Thinking About a Concrete Patio for Next Summer

It’s never too early to plan ahead, especially when it comes to summer. There is so much we want to do around this time of the year. To avoid being overwhelmed, making arrangements as early as winter will help. Maybe you have been wishing to put up a concrete patio for several years. However, when … Continued

Reasons Why Concrete is Your Best Patio Choice

Patios are outdoor spaces that are either attached to or detached from the main house. They are often designed and oriented in line with the surrounding landscape. Patios are used to host guests for barbecue and also allow quality family time outdoors. A variety of materials can be used in the construction of patios including … Continued

Nothings broke, But I Can Do Better.

Where Should I Start Making Concrete Improvements on My Property?Concrete is a common material used in homes across the United States. From the foundation to porches, patios and sidewalks, the material works well in a variety of ways. Concrete is durable, providing a quality material that can last a lifetime when poured and installed properly. … Continued

Can I Extend My Concrete Fixtures Without Repouring Them?

It is essential to have a solid plan before extending your concrete fixtures. A great plan will allow you to seamlessly increase your space, whether it is a patio or a deck. Are You Planning to Extend Your House’s Pre-sale?Well, that’s a great plan – it could give your home value a boost. In this … Continued

Is There Any Prep Work for Removing Concrete?

Are you planning on starting a project on your property that involves removing concrete? If so, there are steps needed to start the process and you want to make sure you are fully prepared. Removing concrete can be tough and depending on the size of the job, you may need to hire professionals to do … Continued

Sealing Your Basement against Bugs and Water

No matter how strong your concrete is, there’s always a need to seal your basement. While concrete is tough and durable, it needs some maintenance to ensure its durability. Rain  water can damage the whole structure and cause small cracks between concrete and dust formation on the upper layer. This is why it is important … Continued

Storm Damage: Is It Worse Than It Seemed At First?

Storm damage can result in some unpleasant surprises. From floor damage to roof damage, there is no telling what could happen. Sadly, most cases, of storm damage seem too minute to amount to anything. However, when left to fester, these small damages can result in issues in the future. The earlier you can deal with … Continued

I Didn’t Let My Waterproofing Set. Do I Have To Start From Scratch?

Most homeowners try to complete waterproofing themselves and end up messing it all up. It is important to hire a professional waterproofing service to do the waterproofing work for the best results. However, you shouldn’t go out and hire random service providers around your area. It is important to read the reviews and check the … Continued

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