Prepping Concrete before a Project

Prepping concrete is the process by which you prepare an area of concrete before beginning a project. This might involve removing stains, getting rid of old paint, or even just cleaning the surface. Prepping concrete before a project is a key to making the most of your investment. If you don’t take the time to … Continued

When Is it a “Simple Fix” and When Do You Call Us? 

Sometimes it can be difficult for the untrained eye to tell just how serious a given problem with their home might be. It is especially true when it comes to issues with the foundation upon which it sits. In addition to the fact that many homeowners aren’t sure what warrants a minor repair and a … Continued

The Dangers Of Letting It Go When You Find Damaged Concrete In Your Home

You can use concrete to beautify your house. You should never forget that concrete also involves certain dangers and problems. Some of these problems include construction errors, disintegration, and scaling which means concrete starts to chip off in small fragments. This can lead to structural damage to your concrete structure. Efflorescence causes the concrete in … Continued

Learn More About Concrete & Sustainability

Sustainability is vital in any business so as a contractor it’s important to come up with a strategy that helps you save on your materials and time so that you can increase your profits. One of the most important areas you have to focus on is learning how to cut down on waste and making … Continued

What is the strongest concrete repair?

Concrete is a popular construction material, but it can also be vulnerable. In the event of damage, you want to make sure that you have a reliable repair method. There are several methods for repairing concrete: epoxy injection, steel fiber reinforcement, and post-tensioning with cables, among others. Steel fiber reinforcement provides a good option if … Continued

Can You Put a Fire Pit on Concrete?

A fire pit is a great addition to any home. Available in all shapes and sizes, a fire pit can easily provide a nice relaxing area for the exterior of your property. When installing a fire pit, you want to place it near the home so that it can be enjoyed, but far enough away … Continued

How to Start the Process to Reinforce Basement Walls

When a basement is located inside the home, it is constructed with several materials, the main ones being concrete and rebar. These materials are used to ensure the walls stay strong and are able to handle the weight of the upper floors. However, no matter how well the basement walls are constructed, over time, the … Continued

Why is concrete repair important?

If you’ve ever stepped in a puddle and wondered why the sidewalk is so saturated, it’s likely because of cracks and other imperfections in the concrete itself. Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials on Earth. It can be molded into any shape imaginable and serves as the foundation for many buildings that … Continued

What is the most common way a concrete repair fails?

The most common reason for a concrete repair failure is poor design, installation, or construction. Concrete repairs fail because they are not adequately designed to address the problem they intended to fix or install improperly or untrained people. Sometimes, even when installed correctly, the same repair fails again because it wasn’t designed with future damage … Continued

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